About the Founder - Mike Woodiwiss

Mike Woodiwiss

(Spectrum International was first established by Mike Woodiwiss in 1983, as Spectrum Financial Advisers).

Initially our clients were typically British, but with the increasing number of other expatriates from many walks of life, and many countries – it became clear that there was a strong need for special professional advice for all.

The ever-changing nature of German bureaucracy and legislation makes this even more crucial for people coming to Germany - maybe for the first time - and having to adapt to the culture and 'try' to understand the legislation, especially in the complex field of insurance – Difficult to understand at the best of times, never mind in a 'foreign language'.

The company was fast developing expertise and was re-branded as Spectrum International in 1999. We are today considered as one of the leading international brokers for expatriates in Germany, attracting many inquiries from all over the world.

Information and advice from 'friends' - well-intentioned as it may be - is not always up-to-date or relevant to each individual's personal circumstances. We therefore urge you to seek professional advice - Spectrum International provide this completely free of any charges, and without any obligation. We hope to hear from you soon, but in the meantime please take time to look at the general information on our website pages here.

The Team
Since January 2023, the company has been taken over by Michael's wife Cornelia, who has been working for the company for a number of years as Accountant.
Dominic Woodiwiss, Michael's son, has been working for Michael since 2014 and is now working for Cornelia as Account Manager.