About the Founder - Michael Woodiwiss (Mike)

Mike Woodiwiss

Mike was born in 09.09.1942 in Feetwood/England. He went to school in Fleetwood and later was educated at the Royal Grammer School in Lancaster. His first career was as an officer in the Royal Air Force. After leaving the Air Force in 1982 he, his wife and 2 sons moved to Germany.

In 1983 he established his company Spectrum Financial and Insurance Adviser. A specialist for Expats in Germany. Initially our clients were typically British, but with the increasing number of other expatriates from many walks of life, and many countries - it became clear that there was a strong need for special professional advice for all. The company was fast developing expertise and was re-branded as Spectrum International in 1999. We are today considered as one of the leading international brokers for expatriates in Germany, attracting many inquires from all over the world.

The Team

Mike's eldest son, Dominic, joined the company in 2014. After first working with Mike and learning from him, he passed his DIHK exam (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in 2020 and is now a qualified Insurance Broker. Just as Mike used to do, he always has the clients best interest at heart. He tries to find the best contracts for them and gives them free advise.

Since Mike passed away on 11.11.2022 his wife, Cornelia, took over the running of the company and is registered with the DIHK. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant Assistent and before now was working for Mike as the company accountant.