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Welcome to our pet insurance page

We do have special pet insurances for dogs, cats and horses.

Horses and dogs do need a seperate liability insurance. Most other Pets are insured with your private liability insurance (if you have one).

Dog and Horse liability are very important. As an example:

If you go for a walk with your dog or you take it with you to visit somebody and the dog hit a very expensive item with the tail, then this can be very expensive. In this case the liability insurance will cover this damage.

Same with a horse: if the horse suddenly runs on the road and causes a big accident, then this will also be covered by the pet liability insurance. 

Our pet insurance products are from: VHV, Haftpflichtkasse and Helvetia

To get some quotes, please click on the name of the company. These will open a new tab for the online quote system. Please be aware the quote system is (at the moment) only availabe in German language.

Horse and Dog liability insurance only:


Haftpflichtkasse (discount available if you also have  or apply for a house-hold "Hausrat" or accident "Unfall" insurance and more discount for paperless policy)

Dog and Cat health and Dog liability insurance: