Inform and advise 

Statutory (public) health insurance

(Gesetzliche Kranken Versicherung - shortcut: GKV)

Important information before simply submitting an application:

I would like to attend a GKV because:

  • I want to switch to another GKV- because of dissatisfaction or other reasons
  • this is my first application to the statutory health insurance in Germany
  • I have become subject to public health insurance


  •    Did I have the previous health insurance company continuously for at least 18 months? 
  •    Did I send a cancellation to my previous insurance and received a cancellation confirmation with a   date?
  •    Do I work as an employee or have I become subject to health insurance?
  •    Am I coming from another EU country and previously had statutory health insurance?
  •    Am I younger than 55 years old?

If you can answer all these questions with "yes", then you can switch to one of the following health insurance companies with good conscience.


Novitas BKK



TK (Die Techniker)  


BKK ProVita

However, if you answer a few questions with "No" or you are not so sure, then we highly recommend that you contact us so that you do not make any mistakes and end up with no health insurance.

There are currently just over 100 different health insurance companies in Germany.

Why do we only offer so few?
We offer these public health insurers because we have the best experience and our customers have the best experience with them. However, if you decide to apply for a different health insurance company, you can contact us and we will help you immediately. Please click on the contact button or call us directly. Our contact details can be found here: CONTACT

If you do not need advice and would like to  become a member directly, please click on one of the pictures "Novitas" or "TK" or "Provita" and download the application, complete, date, sign and return this to us:

By email:

or by post mail to:

Spectrum International
Dominic Woodiwiss
At Kirchkamp 8
41844 Wegberg - Wildenrath

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