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Insurance Products

Health Insurance


- German Private - German Public (Statutory)

*German and English documents available


Insurance - for Artists

Health Insurance - through the Künstlersozialkasse - KSK (Artists Fund)

Liability Insurance for Artists

*German and English documents available

Life Assurance

Term Assurance (Risiko), Capital Insurance

*German documents

Pension Insurance

Private - Riester - Rürup

*German documents only

Property Insurance

House Contents, Personal Possessions, Buildings

*German documents only

Liability Insurance 

Personal, Business, Employers, Pets

*German and partley English documents available

Pet Insurance

Pet health Insurance, Pet liability Insurance

*By German law the German documents such as policy wording have to be in the German language. Some documents can be available in English and we do provide these, but please be aware, that most German insurer do not have any English documentation. We would recommend you to contact somebody who can translate or help you with the documents. If you need a professional translator, then you can contact Mr. Thomas Cullen