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Laura R
23.03.2021 19:47:38
Mike and Dominic are absolutely fantastic. I've been a client of theirs since 2016, and their attentiveness and expertise are exceptional, whether by email or over the phone. Excellent customer service. They treat you like a person rather than just a number. Example: when I mentioned in passing that a relative was hospitalized with covid, Mike asked about her health the next time we talked, weeks later. I always notice that Mike and Dominic strive to go above and beyond; I often come away from insurance-related phone calls with invaluable info about other aspects of managing the logistics of immigrant life in Germany, beyond just the insurance questions that I asked. Moreover, with Spectrum International, I also had everything I needed for every Ausländerbehörde appointment I've had thus far.

Not only have they always provided informative answers to all of my insurance questions (and promptly!), but the additional professionals that they recommend for non-insurance needs are also top-notch. In fact, thanks to their suggestion of a wonderful KSK application consultant, I was ultimately even able to get into the KSK!

It has truly been a pleasure doing business with Spectrum, and I would recommend them to anyone.
Tiziana Alcamo
20.03.2021 13:45:05
I strongly recommend Spectrum´s services!

They helped me in a best way to find the insurance that worked best for me. I have recommended Mike to other italian people in Germany. Spectrum offers great service and speed. I feel lucky that I met Mike in Germany.
E Smith
15.03.2021 13:22:31
Mike is very knowledgeable about the ins and out of public and private insurance options in Germany and also a very nice person generally. Thanks to his expert advice I was able to make a highly informed decision about the insurance that worked best for me. I strongly recommend his services!
Z Naumoski
11.03.2021 22:32:20
I’m together with Mike and Dominic for the last 7 years, and always I was informed on time for all things connected to the insurance world. They help me in a best way to make it possible, for me and my children insurance’s.
I have all answers on time, by email and by phone…I was trying do not make some crazy questions from my side, but in did Mike was always ready to show, explain and also offer an alternative solutions to find the best health insurance. I’m always recommending Mike to any of my new colleagues at work or to anybody, really I highly recommend them.
They got the latest info what is important to be an ex-pat in Germany.
He solve so fast my stress situation when I was changing my insurance, and later on my son insurance…quick replay, information on time, right answers provided and case finished.
I can count on Mike 100% for many points for German Health system, and many other kind of insurance’s. I’m really great full to Spectrum Team, without them I could say I could be lost for these years.
Thanks a lot Spectrum team you are fantastic!!!! The best insurance broker
J Donahue
10.03.2021 20:56:10
Mike is always helpful and well-informed. He has also been very patient with me and quick to respond, which was convenient when I had questions and critical when I realized that I needed further documentation at the last minute before my visa appointment. Most importantly, he seems to have my best interest at heart, which is a huge comfort when adapting to life abroad. Thanks Mike!
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