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Flynn Picardal
21.11.2018 23:25:13
Mike and his associates were extremely helpful in helping me navigate through the German health insurance quagmire in the months preceding and after my arrival in Berlin. It is so very nice that they quickly respond to email inquiries with professional, knowledgeable, and personal answers.
Peter Miller
05.11.2018 12:20:04
The German insurance landscape feels baffling. It was so comforting to get to know Mr. Woodiwiss and his team. They cleared the fog for me, set me up with everything I needed and were calm, clear and courteous. Many many thanks!
Kipp Kipp
11.10.2018 21:50:30
I first discovered Spectrum Int. through a very knowledgeable friend, and I must admit that the service I have received from Mike and his fantastic team is so good that it actually confuses me. I was promptly guided through all application processes, and everything else that I needed for German visa registration and it's accompanying insurance coverage. The team often advised me on certain details with impactful implications for my particular situation, and helped me to make the best decisions about my coverage moving forward. Not only did Spectrum do all of this free of charge, but in fact they have probably SAVED me well over €1000 compared to what this experience might have cost me if I were on my own or with a different broker. Astounding. Truly exceptional. Five stars, would give six if it were on the scale. I'm not quite sure how you do it, but many many thanks to you for everything, Mike & Co.!
Thashini Kathir
10.10.2018 20:09:47
Mike was very helpful with the registration of my health insurance in Germany! Would definitely recommend getting his help for health insurance applications.
06.09.2018 10:51:44
Mike was incredibly helpful. He was quick to reply to emails, and he answered all of the questions that I had. I would definitely recommend using his services when trying to sort out health insurance. Thanks Mike!
Tom B
03.09.2018 20:16:16
Mike went above and beyond to help my mom sort out the choppy waters of health insurance in Germany. He explained everything in detail and in plain English. Mom was unsure about her status and Mike explained everything straight away. He didn't ask for a dime for his services, but did much more than many paid professionals would have. Thank you ever so much Mike for helping my mom with this. It has been a great relief to get things sorted.
Sarah Kelley
01.09.2018 16:06:28
I am super happy with Mike and the spectrum team for how they handled my insurance switch. Mike was very prompt at responding, answered all of my question thoroughly (he is obviously very knowledgeable about the German system) and made my transition to my new insurance company totally painless and even enjoyable. Thanks again!
Joanna dudley
27.08.2018 16:54:47
Mike is wonderful to work with and helps on so many levels. His information on so many subjects concerning living in Germany has been hugely helpful.
P Montelongo
15.08.2018 13:05:51
I've been using Spectrum International and it has never failed me with any claim. Mike Woodiwiss is very professional, responds quickly and always advices you for the best. This insurance also is one of the few international insurances valid for residence permits in Germany and it has never been a problem when renewing my visa.

I highly recommend this insurance.
P Josiah
03.08.2018 10:41:59
I highly recommend Mike at Spectrum International. Mike was a pleasure to work with. He always responded quickly to my questions. His answers were detailed and complete. There was never any pressure to purchase insurance. He was just genuinely helpful throughout the entire process.

Thanks again!

Benjamin B
02.08.2018 15:51:06
I am so happy to have found Spectrum upon entering Germany. I am even more happy to have gotten so much help and valuable service from Mike Woodiwiss. He has been extremely helpful from beginning to end and made this process by far the easiest experience while living in Germany. A big thank you to him and the whole team at Spectrum. I highly recommend them. It has been such a help for this American expat. Thank you.
Love and light,
Abigail K
01.08.2018 10:39:14
I could not be happier or more satisfied with the service I received from Spectrum, especially from Mike. All of my questions were answered promptly, thoroughly, and clearly. He went above and beyond what I ever expected. He really helped me, an expat with limited German skills, get my visa. Highly recommended.
Ingrid Brar
03.07.2018 11:49:37
I am very happy with the fast and good service I get from Spectrum. Every time I need help regarding health insurance they are ready to help you. My family and I being with them for 4 years. They always answer all your questions and there service is fast. I highly recommend Spectrum. Thank you very much to Mr. Woodiwiss and Dominic.
Anais Virchez
07.06.2018 15:11:36
The services from Spectrum were fantastic, very helpful. Mike answers all your questions with a lot of knowledge about the topic. He gives the best advice for choosing the right insurance according to your visa. Especially for expats like me without any German language skill. Thank you very much Spectrum team.
Kristin G.
31.05.2018 04:07:15
I highly, highly recommend Spectrum and Mike Woodiwiss. As an American living in Germany, I quickly learned that the Visa office only accepts German insurance, but German insurance companies would not sell me insurance since I am an American. It was an extremely stressful catch-22. I finally found Mike based on great reviews I found on the internet, and he proved to understand what is needed for insurance better than the people at the visa office. He not only provided insurance, but also a page explaining insurance to the visa people which allowed my visa to go through without a problem. In addition to email, I have spoken to both Mike and his wife on the phone, both of whom are extremely helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and served as the only English speaking support I had in Germany throughout the almost two years I lived there. It is hard to express how grateful I am for the advice and kindness I received. I am now back in the US for an unknown timeframe, but I can say without any doubt that if I go back to Germany, Mike will be one of the first calls I will make in order to get back with Spectrum and Mike. I would not even consider looking anywhere else and would say this to anyone I know who is thinking of going overseas.
Brad H.
16.05.2018 23:51:03
Mike and his office have been very helpful, and they've been generous with their time and advice. I've always been amazed at the wall of confusion and contradiction (or just bad news) I've encountered when seeking advice on health insurance in DE from other standard sources -- I've developed a fairly high level of trust in Mike's advice.
Adam LH
11.05.2018 14:59:34
I wanted to be overprepared for my Visa appointment in Germany, and Mike and Dominic gave me all the materials I needed to ensure I got approved. They helped me pick an affordable but thorough insurance plan, and had helpful advice on banking as well. I was planning on getting approved for 1 year, but instead was given 2. Big thanks to them for helping me walk in there with confidence!
08.05.2018 10:02:16
Mike and Dominic are extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to health insurance and immigration. They gave me the correct information and strength to fight through difficult battles I had with some immigration officials and I am very thankful for that. They are there for you and quick to respond to questions. I have ALC for about 7 years and am very happy with them as well. I fully recommend Spectrum International. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
03.05.2018 14:29:46
I have been with Spectrum Int for about 5 years and I can recommend them without any objection. They always assist with extra requests, reply fast and provide great service.
20.04.2018 08:50:05
Mike was able to help me when all I was getting was confusing and wrong information from everyone else. Suddenly I found my visa appointment quickly approaching and all those rabbit holes everyone else led me on just ate up my time. In the last minute I found Mike and he was always super speedy to reply, caught mistakes I made (which saved me $$), answered all my questions, knew his shit, and got me health insurance in time for my appointment. *whew!*
I definitely won't be trying to navigate the insurance mess again alone! Thanks so much Mike!
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