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B. Hagen
03.02.2021 00:04:33
Mike has advanced expertise in the insurance business, and I've always found his advice to be very helpful. Thank you!
Alex Dragon
29.01.2021 09:51:44
Mike has been incredibly helpful in helping me navigate Health Insurance in Germany as an ex-pat freelancer.
I am very grateful for his patience and bis response time is incredibly fast. Mike usually responds same day!
Mary Warming
18.01.2021 16:02:11
Hello All, I'd like you to know how generous and helpful Mike was with his time and information. He spent countless hours helping find the correct health insurance for my unusual cirucmstance in Covid times. I highly suggest Spectrum for Health Insurance. I will be sure to be in contact for my business insurance needs, which are cared for by Mike's son.
Steve Garofano
30.09.2020 20:17:56
Mike Woodiwiss and the Spectrum team are superheroes! During my time as a clumsy American student in Germany, Mike has been prompt and kind, answering all of my stupid questions, providing me with the documents I've needed for bureaucratic purposes, and explaining my benefits to me. I can't say enough good things about about Spectrum. I have recommended them to everyone I know who enters Germany and will continue to do so. Thanks Mike!!
03.08.2020 11:25:55
I can't thank Mike enough. He has gone the extra mile for my family, helping us successfully navigate the expat health insurance waters. Dominic and Keith have been a great help as well. Don't know where we'd be without them.
Marlene Baierl
08.05.2020 20:50:37
I have worked with Mike Woodiwiss (and sometimes his son Dominic Woodiwiss) for 11 years, and have always have been impressed with there professionalism and service! They are always ready to give good advice and suggestions with regard to my policy and alternatives, have always been very quick to provided all necessary documents that I've needed and to reply to my calls and emails quickly and efficiently. Mike has even picked up the phone after work hours, although I have never expected it. He goes beyond what one would expect from an agent. I highly recommend both of them! Mike helped me not only to find the best health insurance but is amazing in how he explains the German health care system and compare it with private insurance. Dominic was equally quick and helpful in helping me acquire non-health related insurance. So I have always felt secure all around in their hands!

He helped me not only to find the best Health Insurance for my case but also explained to me in details how the German Health Care system works. I could make a good, informed decision. I highly recommend
sara lancerio
26.04.2020 22:18:12
Mike is a huge help when it comes to health insurance and how it works!! I would definitely recommend him
sara L
26.04.2020 22:17:49
Mike is a huge help when it comes to health insurance and how it works!! I would definitely recommend him
17.02.2020 16:06:57
I have been with Spectrum since 2016 and haven't had much problems. Quick replies and helpful. I recommend it.
Stephanie d'Arc Taylor
12.12.2019 13:37:55
Mike was extremely helpful and efficient when I came to him with an urgent need for health insurance. I can highly recommend his services.
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