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COVID 19 Vaccinations:


There are some misleading comments on the internet and generally saying that vaccination costs will be covered by ‘your insurance’, and even some medical officials are ‘asking for proof of health insurance’.  This is not necessary - the vaccine and associated costs including the administration of special Vaccination Centres, are fully funded by the German Government Statutory Health Budget and the German Private Health insurers collectively – not individuals or individual health insurers.  The official statement is as follows:



The vaccination will be free of charge for citizens regardless of whether they have health insurance. The cost of the vaccine will be paid by the federal government. The federal states, together with the statutory health insurance companies and private health insurance companies, will pay for the costs of running the vaccination centers.


Die Impfung ist für die Bürger kostenlos, unabhängig davon, ob sie krankenversichert sind. Die Kosten für den Impfstoff trägt die Bundesregierung. Die Bundesländer tragen zusammen mit den gesetzlichen Krankenkassen und privaten Krankenkassen die Kosten für den Betrieb der Impfzentren.


NB: I can personally vouch for this having had my first Biontech vaccination on 18 th April and second one due on 29 th May – along with my wife.  We attended an official local Vaccination Centre.  No cost – no proof of health insurance required – no pain – no side effects -  and we were in-and-out in 30 minutes!   All we needed to show was proof of our German residency.


If you are trying to ‘jump any priority queue’ by going direct to your Doctor, the Doctor may charge a Service Fee.  This would not be covered by any insurance company.  However Prioritization is being phased out throughout Germany so may not even exist in your area.

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