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Laura R
18.01.2019 14:49:17
Always a pleasure to communicate with Mike and Dominic. Very knowledgeable, and they clear up any questions and process any necessary adjustments to my details very quickly. They're also (very!) speedy with making sure that I receive needed documents. It's such a relief to know that I can rely on such a great team in an otherwise-baffling insurance landscape. I've always been able to count on them to be genuinely helpful and transparent: I've communicated most with Mike, and he has always provided me with ample information to make the right decisions for my policies, never pressuring me to choose one way or another. As I originally come from a country where the health insurance market is a nightmare, it's such a refreshing change of pace to work with Mike and his team. I can only recommend them!
21.12.2018 11:58:32
Always a good experience with Mike and Dominic. I get the necessary documents and quickly. Thanks!
Tim Peterson
15.12.2018 15:50:38
It has been a delight to work with Mike and ALC. Mike has been most helpful with our settlements and expediting all of our needed forms and paperwork. We appreciate the professional timely help we have received this past year!
Rachael Tyrell
08.12.2018 00:31:50
My friend told me to write Mike and Dominic after he heard how many insurers I'd visited only to find out I'd have to pay a whole lot of money for even the most basic options. I must admit my situation made me very anxious at the time: it seemed I'd have to pay more for insurance than I'd be making. Thank the cosmos I found Mike, and I mean it. Mike guided me through all the details and options he found for me, explained everything thoroughly and answered my messages so fast I often couldn't believe it. Not to mention the fact that he was also willing to explain everything I didn't understand in an email multiple times on the phone. Mind you, he did all of this even though I got the cheapest insurance imaginable. He even helped me with issues concerning taxes and other kinds of insurance. German bureaucracy is definitely a harsh mistress, especially if you're thinking about getting a citizenship here, but with Mike's help you don't have to fear her at all. He does all this with grace, it feels like he's out of an movie sometimes. I'm so grateful for his help and all the time he spent helping me... Thank you!
Flynn Picardal
21.11.2018 23:25:13
Mike and his associates were extremely helpful in helping me navigate through the German health insurance quagmire in the months preceding and after my arrival in Berlin. It is so very nice that they quickly respond to email inquiries with professional, knowledgeable, and personal answers.
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