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Ingrid Brar
03.07.2018 11:49:37
I am very happy with the fast and good service I get from Spectrum. Every time I need help regarding health insurance they are ready to help you. My family and I being with them for 4 years. They always answer all your questions and there service is fast. I highly recommend Spectrum. Thank you very much to Mr. Woodiwiss and Dominic.
Anais Virchez
07.06.2018 15:11:36
The services from Spectrum were fantastic, very helpful. Mike answers all your questions with a lot of knowledge about the topic. He gives the best advice for choosing the right insurance according to your visa. Especially for expats like me without any German language skill. Thank you very much Spectrum team.
Kristin G.
31.05.2018 04:07:15
I highly, highly recommend Spectrum and Mike Woodiwiss. As an American living in Germany, I quickly learned that the Visa office only accepts German insurance, but German insurance companies would not sell me insurance since I am an American. It was an extremely stressful catch-22. I finally found Mike based on great reviews I found on the internet, and he proved to understand what is needed for insurance better than the people at the visa office. He not only provided insurance, but also a page explaining insurance to the visa people which allowed my visa to go through without a problem. In addition to email, I have spoken to both Mike and his wife on the phone, both of whom are extremely helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and served as the only English speaking support I had in Germany throughout the almost two years I lived there. It is hard to express how grateful I am for the advice and kindness I received. I am now back in the US for an unknown timeframe, but I can say without any doubt that if I go back to Germany, Mike will be one of the first calls I will make in order to get back with Spectrum and Mike. I would not even consider looking anywhere else and would say this to anyone I know who is thinking of going overseas.
Brad H.
16.05.2018 23:51:03
Mike and his office have been very helpful, and they've been generous with their time and advice. I've always been amazed at the wall of confusion and contradiction (or just bad news) I've encountered when seeking advice on health insurance in DE from other standard sources -- I've developed a fairly high level of trust in Mike's advice.
Adam LH
11.05.2018 14:59:34
I wanted to be overprepared for my Visa appointment in Germany, and Mike and Dominic gave me all the materials I needed to ensure I got approved. They helped me pick an affordable but thorough insurance plan, and had helpful advice on banking as well. I was planning on getting approved for 1 year, but instead was given 2. Big thanks to them for helping me walk in there with confidence!
08.05.2018 10:02:16
Mike and Dominic are extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to health insurance and immigration. They gave me the correct information and strength to fight through difficult battles I had with some immigration officials and I am very thankful for that. They are there for you and quick to respond to questions. I have ALC for about 7 years and am very happy with them as well. I fully recommend Spectrum International. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
03.05.2018 14:29:46
I have been with Spectrum Int for about 5 years and I can recommend them without any objection. They always assist with extra requests, reply fast and provide great service.
20.04.2018 08:50:05
Mike was able to help me when all I was getting was confusing and wrong information from everyone else. Suddenly I found my visa appointment quickly approaching and all those rabbit holes everyone else led me on just ate up my time. In the last minute I found Mike and he was always super speedy to reply, caught mistakes I made (which saved me $$), answered all my questions, knew his shit, and got me health insurance in time for my appointment. *whew!*
I definitely won't be trying to navigate the insurance mess again alone! Thanks so much Mike!
Colleen Keith
16.04.2018 21:22:50
I've been very satisfied with the service and advice that the stuff at Spectrum always provide. My questions are always answered promptly and any actions or forms I need are taken care of quickly. It's such a relief to have an insurance company that speaks English - one less thing to struggle through with my awkward German! Spectrum has brought me such peace of mind, I can't recommend them highly enough!
andre harris
16.04.2018 11:35:31
Wonderful, people. Mike never failed, no matter the circumstances, do do his best for me as a client. Hard to find selfless people in this business so you might as well find them here. Thanks again for all your help Mike!
L. Rosell
13.04.2018 08:51:46
Mike and Dominic are wonderful. Very prompt response times, helpful explanations when I'm confused about insurance coverage and options. I haven't met my excess yet, so I can't speak to matters of reimbursement, but I know other foreigners in Berlin with aLC who have said that there are absolutely no problems with it. Very pleased with the service.
Gary Gautier
27.03.2018 14:20:45
I was having great difficulty getting set up with a new job in Germany – contradictory messages from my prospective employer, public and private insurers, and the Ausländerbehörde -- and I nearly abandoned my plan until Mike stepped in. Persistent, professional, and clearly more knowledgeable than the people working the desks in those offices, Mike took over and cut through all the red tape for me. A great broker and a great guy!
Nelli Shulman
23.03.2018 04:53:05
Very fast, friendly and efficient service. I would gladly recommend Spectrum for all your insurance needs.
Adam Goldman
13.03.2018 16:47:08
Mike has been my insurance broker in Berlin for the past seven years and change. I am so delighted to have found him! His assistance and advice have given me enormous peace of mind over the years. I can recommend him and his services without qualification.
F Naguit
27.02.2018 09:54:28
Just got off the phone with Mike. Being an expat in any country is very difficult, and with no exception in Germany where the bureaucracy is notoriously complex. With the information regarding German law and empathy Mike shared with me, I feel incredibly relieved and very well taken care of. A big, big thank you Mike and I will be recommending you to others.
Kanako K
15.02.2018 22:55:52
It was very fast process and efficient.

Thank you!
Saga Briggs
15.02.2018 13:41:47
A big thanks to Mike and Dominic at Spectrum International. I received extremely efficient, helpful advice from them and was able to secure a 3-year freelancer's visa with the insurance they recommended from aLC. Couldn't be happier.
14.02.2018 17:43:43
Very fast and efficient service. They answered all my questions in record time and with all the information i needed. Highly recommended. Thanks!
Ryan Hellyer
29.01.2018 13:52:14
I always receive excellent help and advise from Spectrum International. service is quick, efficient and I've saved a ton of money via their health insurance advice. They've even helped me on extremely late notice when I've needed documentation at the last moment before Auslanderbehörde appointments.

I've also recommended Spectrum to hundreds of other people, and have heard nothing back but positive comments.
S Lubicz
21.09.2017 13:39:10
Everyone on the Spectrum team was incredibly kind and helpful. They really went out of their way to help me get the best coverage and figure out several insurance issues. I felt like they really took my requests into consideration and helped when I needed answers urgently. Highly recommended!
Thanks so much again!!
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