Doceo et Praecipio   ( Inform and Advise ) 

     Visa and Permits

                                    What is the difference? 

A VISA states the reasons you are entering the Country.  These can be many:  
Work, Freelance, Artists, Student, Marriage, and many others.   
All non-EU Citizens require a Visa for stays of longer than 3 months.  
A Residence Permit - is permission to stay here longer than 3 months.
Residence Permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis or Aufenthaltstiteln) - often referred to as 'visa`.  This is required for all Non-EU Citizens.    As the name implies this is your permission to actually reside here - i.e stay of longer than  3 months. This you must do at the Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners Office).    Please do not confuse this with the Residence Registration, which is also necessary. See below:

Residence Registration:  (Anmeldung).  This required for everyone including German Nationals.    This should not to be confused with the Residence Permit above, this is necessary as proof of your actual accommodation address.  This can be your own apartment or even that of a friend – you must report where you are physically living – AND you must re-register each time you move within Germany – even if it is a c/o address, or you move just ‘next door’ or ‘across the street’ etc.!   This you must do at your local Burgeramt (Residence Adminstration Office)

Residence de-Registration  
IMPORTANT:  When you leave Germany and will no longer be classed as a registered resident here, you MUST de-register and obtain a de-registration certificate (Abmeldungschein).   You will need this in order to terminate any contracts you have entered into whilst in Germany and relative to legal requirements here, such as Health Insurance, Mobile Phones, Rental agreements etc.

Visa and residence permits are only required for NON-EU citizens.  Residency registration is required for everyone - German nationals included.
  To obtain a Residence Permit, Non-EU citizens will require approved health insurance and a certificate from the insurance company stating that the insurance complies with the German legal requirements.  Spectrum International can provide this for clients who have approved insurances arranged through Spectrum.
IMPORTANT:  There is often speculation, rumour and comment about the acceptability of various International Health Insurances for Residence Permits - even from some Insurers, some Brokers, and individuals who may have had their insurance declined.    This is invariably wrong.  Sometimes the legislation in respect of International Insurance for example is not properly understood.   The legislation for International Insurances is not the same as for domestic German Insurance - but that does not mean they are unacceptable.  All International insurances provided through Spectrum are fully authorised and registered as approved to operate in Germany by the German Financial Services Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht - BaFin). 
  Some Insurers and some Brokers also try to say that people who have had international insurance must make back-payments to the German Insurer if they wish to take out a German Insurance.  THIS IS NOT CORRECT.   Please do not make any such back-payments.   PLEASE do contact us for clarification
TIP:    See also:  GETTING A VISA.  - Get Visa Germany

IMPORTANT:  Health insurance can take a few days to arrange.  PLEASE do not leave this until the last minute before applying for your residence permit.   

Allow at least 7 working days.