Doceo et Praecipio   ( Inform and Advise ) 

Long Term Care  or Nursing Care Insurance Pflegeversicherung (PV)

There are two types of PV.    Pflegeplichtversicherung and Pflegezusatzversicherung.   Both are generally referred to as just, Pflegeversicherung, Pflege, PV or PVN


1.  Pflegepflichtversicherung - Compulsory Care Insurance.   This is a legal requirement (pflicht = compulsory)    2.  Pflegezusatzversicherung - Supplemental Care Insurance.   This is optional (zusatz = supplemental).

 Pflegezusatzversicherung provides similar cover to Pflegepflichtversicherung and can be used as additional cover.   It is not an alternative however.  Pflegepflichtversicherung should normally be taken regardless of whether Pflegezusatzversicherung or another option is taken or not - but see below*.

PV is a very contentious issue and is often misunderstood.    It is not a health insurance – it is a Social Welfare measure.  It is subject to a fixed rate of contributions and provides defined benefits, which are purely financial and only for the purpose of remuneration of Carers, Care Homes etc.  Any actual health issues must still be covered by normal health insurance.

PV is integral in PUBLIC Insurance but for privately insured persons it is only obtainable through German PRIVATE Health insurers.  It is normally offered when applying for a German Private Health Insurance, but is nevertheless optional in that the client may select the provider i.e. it does not have to be the same insurer that provides the main health insurance. 

The onus is upon the individual to ensure that they have compulsory PV. 

*Despite the legal requirement for everyone to have Pflegepflichtversicherung, German PRIVATE Health Insurers will not offer it as a stand-alone product (it is effectively non-profit making!).  They will only provide it if the client has their own, usually expensive, full health cover also.......which they will not offer to expatriates who have been in Germany less than 2 years! 

Under special arrangements with one German Private Insurer Spectrum International is however able to provide Pflegepflichtversicherung as a stand-alone product for clients with international insurance.

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