Doceo et Praecipio   ( Inform and Advise ) 


 Private Health Insurance  

(for Self-employed/Freelancers)

 IMPORTANT:  Health insurance can take a few days to arrange.  PLEASE do not leave this until the last minute before applying for your residence permit.  

Allow at least 7 working days.


Private health insurance is often the only option for Self-employed (Freelancers).

This is invariably a new experience for most people and it is therefore very important that you get the correct and most comprehensive professional advice.   

 There are over 40 German Private Health Insurers and most offer a range of plans with various options and at various costs so many permutations!

There are also International Private Insurers.   Not all international insurances are however acceptable for the issue of a residence permit, and in fact not all German insurances are either.  It depends on your intended length of stay in Germany and for which type of residence permit you are applying.   We will advise you which are appropriate and which are not.


Please note, however, that most German insurers will not offer cover at all to non-EU citizens, unless you have already been here for 2 years or more, or have a permanent residence permit. 

We are however able to arrange immediate cover with one German insurer. German Insurance is invariably more expensive than International insurance and application requires medical and dental examinations.  This can take a couple of weeks to ffinalise and there is no guarantee that the German  insurer will accept if there is anything adverse in the examination reports  

International insurance can be arranged quicker and easier - no medical or dental examinations are required.  International insurances are invariably Moratorium Underwriting'. i.e. they will either not cover preexisting conditions, or may offer special  terms, so acceptance is virtually guaranteed in all cases.  International Insurance is also usually much cheaper than German Private.