Doceo et Praecipio   ( Inform and Advise ) 


Living away from home?    

Needing to adapt to a different culture and different language?



Understanding the small print of insurance contracts is daunting enough in your own language – never mind in another!


People from all over the world come to Germany to experience the beautiful countryside, the food, drinks and the local culture.  Many come just for a short term – maybe 1 year - or maybe longer.    


Quite often those who have come for just a year end up staying longer.  But apart from enjoying the country and all the great experiences, there is also a ‘great’ bureaucracy – and surprisingly this does tend to be in German!


So whatever your reason for coming to Germany, and from whichever country in the world you are coming and whatever you will be doing – whether employed, self-employed/freelance, unemployed or study etc., you will need specific professional advice and help, possibly in English, in respect of recommended or even compulsory  insurances.

A very good brochure "Welcome to Germany" in English (and other languages) is produced by the German Immigration Ministry.  This is available by post from us.



Spectrum is a fully authorised and registered Insurance Broker in Germany.   We can provide advise on, and arrange, German Private Health Insurance, German Public Health Insurance or approved International Health insurance. 

Health Insurance in Germany is complex and may vary from person to person.  So If you have seen, heard or received information from any source, then please do ask us and we will give you a professional opinion and appraisal of suitability for your own personal circumstances. 

All our advice is free of charge and non-obligatory.  The rates we quotes are those set by the insurer - no added charges or fees.